Nifty's Chosen Charity of the Moment

10% from each sale of masks and any donations made at check out will be donated to Koha Apparel.

"Koha's mission is to repurpose quality clothing donations for those vulnerable in Aotearoa. Our pop-ups utilises a pay-as-you-can [Koha] system which allows those struggling financially to access clean quality clothing. For those unable to pay, clothing is provided at no cost."

Koha has been servicing Auckland since 2019 and has made the epic move to create new pop-ups across the North Island. Unfortunately this expansion happened just before lockdown and as a not for profit with many overheads relying on donations from the public to keep their doors open it was a no-brainer for Nifty to choose Koha as our charity of the moment.

Fakaaue Lahi, Thank you Charli from Koha for your amazing work in our community and thank you to my lovely Nifty fam for making it possible for Little Nifty to help the many different initiatives that sit close to our heart.

For more information on Koha Apparel and to make direct donations click here.