Taranaki Rescue Helicopter

$2 for every cutie/mouse and $1 from every other item in the Eco-Shop this Christmas will be donated to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter, Why you may ask?


Our lovely knitter Nana Puff was airlifted to Auckland from Taranaki for life saving surgery in October. It wasn't until this experience that we realised how important it is to help fund the local chopper as it is a lifeline for many on a daily basis. The helicopter team themselves are incredible and treated Nana like family, it made being whisked away from her hometown and husband that much more bearable.


We are eternally grateful to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter because with out their service we wouldn't have Nana healthy and safe today -can you believe over the months of bad health she was still knitting?!?!


So, thank you if you choose to buy a handmade goodie from the Eco-Shop this Christmas you're helping to save lives AND the planet.


If you have the means please look into donating to your local rescue helicopter because we need them more than anything to continue saving lives.