Pleated Mask | Standard

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Pleated for comfort and a more universal fit. Each mask is double layered but has a pocket inside for a filter, tissue or extra layer of fabric. 


10% from each ‘MASKMEUP’ sold will go to Koha Apparel who’s mission is to repurpose quality clothing donations for those vulnerable in Aotearoa. Koha’s pop-ups utilises a pay-as-you-can [Koha] system which allows those struggling financially to access clean quality clothing. For those unable to pay, clothing is provided at no cost.


Standard masks fit most teens, women & petite males. We have a wider fit available for those wanting extra coverage. 


Measurements: Approximately H 16CM x W 19CM 


Materials: We have done our best to select a range of cotton materials for each mask with a calico or plain cotton backing. As materials are recycled we cannot guarantee them to be 100% cotton, some may be a poly-cotton blend but are still breathable.


How to use & care instructions:

It is recommended that you fit your mask properly before leaving home, it should fit snug but comfortably so there is no need to touch or adjust your mask while out in public. Remove the mask by the elastics ready to wash -hand wash is best with mild detergents and then allow to air dry.


Things to note:

At Little Nifty we’re all about reducing waste so each item is made using recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfill -Due to this styles are limited and change often. Because each item is handmade pattern and label placement may not perfectly match the product in the images. Anything with major flaws or faults will be disclosed or held as a second (keep an eye out for seconds/sample sales!)

PS my sewing skills aren't profesh so there may be a kink or two but I think that just adds to the character of a home sewn piece.