Lavender Sweet Hearts

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Made from a 1940's crochet pattern using vintage and thrifted yarn these gorgeous sweet hearts are perfect for sweet dreams among other things:

  • Pop into your pillow slip as lavender helps to aid in sleep.
  • Hang in your car for a pleasant natural car diffuser.
  • Place over coat hangers in your wardrobe to assist in ridding moths.
  • Leave in empty suitcases or sports bags to keep them smelling fresh.
  • Keep one in your bag for moments of stress, a quick whiff of lavender calms the nerves.

If the bag starts to lose the smell give it a quick squeeze to crush and reactivate the flower buds and in future you can top up the scent with lavender oil if needed.


The lavender filling is dried and harvested by hand and each heart is crocheted with love by Nana Puff in Bell Block, Taranaki.

Sweet Hearts are Approx 9CM long 



Because these are lavender filled we cannot ship them outside of New Zealand.


Things to note:

At Little Nifty we’re all about reducing waste so each item is made using recycled materials that would otherwise end up in landfill -Due to this not all “Sweet Hearts” will be constructed using exactly the same yarn -please allow for variation in colour etc

With each item being handmade pattern, shape, accessories, loop and label placement may not perfectly match the product in the images. Anything with major flaws or faults will be disclosed or held as a second (keep an eye out for seconds/sample sales!)